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Should I schedule special value items, like jewelry, silverware, and fine arts?2017-10-19T14:40:40+05:00

Items of special value, like fine arts, jewelry and silverware should be separately scheduled on your policy if you want coverage for their full replacement value and much broader protection against loss.  A standard Homeowners policy has special coverage limits for these types of items, usually maxing out at $1,500, and it will also only cover for “named perils”, which means, for example, that items that are lost or mysterioisly disappear will not be covered if they are not scheduled.

In order to have items scheduled on your policy, simply provide us with an appraisal or a bill of sale (must be dated within in past 3 years).  There is an additional premium to schedule items. If you would like an estimate of what it would cost, please contact us.

When do I need to add my son/daughter to my Automobile Policy?2017-09-26T20:26:21+05:00

Your son or daughter living in your household needs to be added to your policy when they receive their driver’s license. Note they do not need to be added while they drive on a learners permit. When he/she passes passes their drivers license exam, please contact our office immediately and provide us their license number so that we can add him/her as a driver on your policy

How do I delete a vehicle from or cancel my Auto policy?2022-11-08T20:38:38+05:00

In order to delete a vehicle from your policy, you must cancel the vehicle’s Registration/Plates with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.  You can do this online (click here for the RMV link) or by bringing the plates to a branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Alternatively,  as a convenience you can bring your plates into our office and we can help you do it.

We must receive a copy of the registration/plate cancellation receipt you received in order for us to delete the vehicle from your policy.

If you move out of Massachusetts to another state, you must make arrangements for new plates and insurance in that state within 30 days, and then cancel your MA registration/plates and provide us with the cancellation receipt in order for us to cancel your MA policy.

Who should be listed on my MA Automobile policy?2017-09-25T16:52:39+05:00

All household members with driver’s licenses must be included on your policy as well as any customary operators. A customary operator is anyone who uses the vehicle on a regular basis whether a household member or not.


Do I need towing coverage if I have AAA?2017-09-25T17:55:33+05:00

The basic AAA membership covers you for a limited number of miles to tow your vehicle, usually about 3 miles.  The towing coverage on a MA Automobile Insurance  has no restrictions for towing mileage, and instead offers a dollar amount for labor and/or towing. The cost for this coverage is about $8.00 per year for $50 per disablement coverage and $16 per year for $100 per disablement coverage.  Please note, this coverage is a reimbursement, and you must provide us with a receipt of the labor/service call and payment in order to be reimbursed.

When I rent a vehicle, should I purchase the rental company’s insurance?2019-08-07T17:14:48+05:00

Coverage from your MA Automobile Policy does follow you only in the continental U.S. & Canada as long as your vehicle is left at home and not driven while you are traveling or on vacation. However, it may be wise to purchase coverage through the rental car company for the following reasons:

1. Collision and Comprehensive deductibles on your  policy will apply.

2. Unlike coverage for your own vehicle, if you do have an accident with a rental vehicle your MA policy will not provide coverage for “loss of use” while that vehicle is being repaired.  The rental company may charge you handsomely for this “loss of use”.

3. When you do not have coverage for collision and comprehensive on your own MA policy, you don’t have it on a rental vehicle either.

4. In the event of an accident, the rental car company will likely automatically charge your for the damage on your credit card.  It could be weeks before you get reimbursed for this charge because it can take time for your MA policy to settle the claim with the rental company.

Note: Some credit cards offer rental car insurance as a benefit to their cardholders, and it may be worth looking into. Though please be advised that we cannot provide advise or recommendations on the coverage provided by credit cards, for that we suggest you refer to your your credit card agreement or company.

I moved, what do I need to do?2017-09-25T18:39:24+05:00

Contact us and let us know your new address and the date you moved.  Also you will need to contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles to change the address on both your drivers license and your vehicle registration(s), which you can do online (click here for the RMV link).

I am refinancing or adding a mortgage, how do I get an Insurance Binder?2017-09-25T19:56:39+05:00

Because the mortgage company will want exact and specific wording added to your policy, we must receive the request in writing.  So please either send us or have your mortgage company send us a detailed written request to change your policy and where to send the Insurance Binder.  Please send requests to us either by FAX at 617-849-8031 or email info@kileyotoole.com

In most cases we will process and send the Insurance Binder by the end of the business day if we receive the request within a couple of hours before our office closes.